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Free Car Removals Melbourne Service

If you looking for free car removals service in Melbourne? Then we can assist and help you. We offer free scrap car removal services to car owners in all suburbs of Melbourne. In fact, we are cleaning Melbourne from all scrap, used, old, junk, and damaged vehicles. We offer free pick up and removal service for all junk cars, vans, trucks, buses, 4wds, and SUVs.

IF you want to get rid of your unwanted car, truck, van, or scrap metal then just call us. We have been providing free car removal Melbourne service for the last 15 years and we don’t charge our customers for any of our scrap car removal service. No worry if you want to remove your used car, accidental car, damaged car, Junk car, old car, or scrap car. Don’t you worry we are here to serve you?

In order to remove your scrap cars for free, you just need to contact us. Just give us your phone and address with all of your vehicle details and we’ll do it for you. Sometimes we also offer cash for trucks in Melbourne because of their higher value. But in fact, we are known as the free old car removals in Melbourne who pick up and remove accident cars, vans, trucks from your garage or parked at the side of the road for the top cash. Even if you have wrecked cars then we also offer free scrap car removals Melbourne service.

  • Fastest junk car removal Melbourne Service
  • Top & instant cash for cars Melbourne
  • Reach on time for free towing of your car
  • We accept vehicles of all sorts
  • Scrap metal buyers from all suburbs of Melbourne

How to Book Car for Free Car Removal

You Are Just a Few Steps Away Get Rid Of Your Unwanted used Cars with us

Yes, you are just a few steps away from removing your unwanted cars. You just call our representative. We are car wreckers Melbourne and pay you the best price offer. Discuss your car details and set your time and we will pick up your car for free. Get hassle-free car removing services in Melbourne. What you will do? here are the steps

  • Step#1 You will contact our representative.
  • Step#2 Tell brief details about your vehicles.
  • Step#3 Book your time with us
  • Step#4 Tow truck will remove the vehicle from your property.

You May Call, Email, And Fill The Online Form

Call Us: 03 8658 1731


We are big car, trucks buyers, and sellers in Melbourne. We are Nissan Wreckers Melbourne, Mitsubishi Wreckers Melbourne, Toyota Wreckers Melbourne, and BMW Wreckers Melbourne. We are big truck buyers and sellers in Melbourne. We deal in different of trucks brands. We are Ud Truck Wreckers, Fuso Truck Wreckers, Mazda Truck Wreckers, Fuso Truck Wreckers. We need some paperwork for verification and documentation purposes.

Free Van Removals Melbourne Service

Free van removals melbourne

If you want to remove your Old Van, Used Van, Damaged, Unwanted Van, Scrap Van, Junk Van. We pick up in one call. We are top cash for cars removal Melbourne. We also provide free van removals service in Melbourne. What kind of van do you have and whatever the condition of your van we will pick it up. We deal with different types of vehicles like cars, trucks, vans, Ute,4wd and every kind of make and model like Honda, Peugeot, Mazda, Nissan, BMW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru.

We are an old car removals company in Melbourne for 14 years. If you have an old car we pay cash for old cars in Melbourne. Whatever your vehicles type is, whether Old, Used, Damaged, Unwanted, Scrap, or Junk. We pick up in one call and give an instant quote. If your van is not in running condition don’t worry about that, we are here! payments can be made via electronic transfer cheque. Bank transfer is preferable as Victoria Government has banned cash payments.

Cash For Cars – Free Truck Removals Melbourne Service

Free truck removals Melbourne

If you have any trucks we provide absolutely free truck removals Melbourne service. Does not matter what is the condition of your truck. If it’s running that’s good or if not no problem we will pick it up. Now, what you are waiting for? call now.

We are an old car removal company in Melbourne and completed many years we deal with different types of vehicles like cars, trucks, vans, utes, 4wds and any kind of make and model like Honda, Peugeot, Mazda, Nissan, BMW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, whatever your vehicles type Old, Used, Damaged, Unwanted, Scrap, Junk. We pick up in one call. We also pay cash for trucks in Melbourne up to 15,000$ Some time your trucks in not able to run or if any engine issues or any other technical problems or hard to remove but we provide all issues for trucks removals because we know how hard it is to pick trucks.

We Remove Every Make and Model

We Remove Every Make and Model i.e., Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Nissan, Peugeot, BMW, Mitsubishi, or any kind of vehicle like Car, Truck, 4WD, Ute, and any kind of model/year. We are car wreckers and car removals in Melbourne. We cover different Melbourne suburbs and provide car wrecking & removals services. We are Car wreckers DoncasterCar Wreckers Campbellfield, Car Wreckers Hallam, Car Wreckers Frankston, and Car Wreckers Rosebud. We cover all Melbourne areas for car wrecking and provide fast car removals services

 Free Unwanted Car Removals Melbourne Service Areas

Check our free car removals Melbourne services area list

Renowned Car Removals Company In Melbourne

We are a renowned car wreckers company in Melbourne having thousands of clients who take our services and they are fully satisfied with our marvelous services. No one can beat us because quality services are our first priority. Below are some specifications of our business. We are experienced and professional car wreckers in Melbourne and other cities of Australia. We are proudly in the car wrecking business for 14 years

  • Expert And Professional Car Wreckers
  • Highest Client Satisfaction Level
  • Friendly Dealing & Services
  • Fastest Feed Back
  • 100% Approval

Get Call Now And Reserve Your Time For Removing Free Car Setrvice

Why You Select Us For Car Free Removing

First of all, we fulfill our commitment mean where you are located we reach on time and do our work on time and remove your car from particular premises. You feel relaxed and get rid of your unwanted vehicles with no hassle. Here are some of our plus points

  • Customers Satisfaction
  • Done Task On Time
  • Reach Anywhere
  • Fulfill Commitment
  • No Any Hidden Charges

Our Other Services include

We Pay 100% High Rate For Cash For Car In Melbourne

Yes, we pay a 100% high rate for cash for cars in Melbourne. So whenever you want to sell your car must take rate we are sure we will give you best price for this even we give you guarantee for the highest amount in Australia. No one codes the best price as we code. Doesn’t matter if you have an entirely new car, old car, accidental car, damaged car, whatever vehicle type like Car, Trucks, Utes, 4wd Van or any of brand like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, BMW, Subaru, Peugeot.

Free-Car-Removal-Services-2016 1 3

  • Maximum Best Price Guarantee
  • Deal In Cash For Car
  • Fastest Way
  • Reach On Particular Time
  • Yes 100% Highest Rate
  • 100% Client Satisfaction

We Provide Car Removals Service Absolutely Free?

Yes, we provide car removal services absolutely free with no hidden charges or services charges. Just call our representative 03 8658 1731 we book your visit time. This is approx. 2 hours and maybe early so just give us your precious time. We offer for a new car, old car, accidental car, damaged car, whatever vehicle type like Car, Truck, Ute, 4wd Van or any kind of brand like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, BMW, Subaru, Peugeot.

  • Fastest Services
  • Reach On Time
  • Tackle Critical Damage
  • Reach Any Suburbs Of Melbourne

Doesn’t Matter What Your Removable Car Condition

Do not worry about your car condition and brand, model, whether in running or non-running condition. We don’t take a single penny or any extra charges. We remove your car and pick within hours

Simply don’t think about the condition and location of your wrecked car. Also, remember below points

  • Don’t Think About Car’s Present Condition
  • Don’t Think About Make, Brand, And Model
  • Don’t Think About Location
  • Don’t Think Any Other HASSLE

Our Specialty And Other Services

We are old and experienced in car removing business in Australia that’s why we understand all problem, situation, condition, and other related issues we cover all vehicle types like Vans, Car, Trucks, Utes, 4wds and below are some further specialist and best services. We deal in an old cars, accidental cars, damaged cars, in any condition whatever vehicle types like Car, Trucks, utes, 4wd Van or any kind of brand like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, BMW, Subaru, Peugeot

We Proudly Announced Our 14 Years In Car Wrecker Industries

Yes, this is our biggest achievement that we cover 14 years successfully with long clients list with their satisfaction in the car wreckers industries. What is the secret behind this….Because we know all car wreckers expected issues and how to overcome them. We know car wreckers relevant s problems with solving, We know how to lift with the technical instrument and last but not least we reach your location and during the removing, we have a look every premises condition and satisfy clients

  • We Know The Expected Issues
  • We Know The Wrecking Problems
  • We Know The Safe And Secure Lifting
  • We Know Any Kind Of Premises Condition And Location

What You Are Waiting For! Avail Free Car Removing Service Now

Now, what you are waiting for? pick up your phone, call us and we will remove your cars free. No paperwork and other hidden charges. If your car is in running condition that is great. If not don’t worry we will not take charge of towing. Free your unwanted vehicle in any suburbs in Melbourne. Why do you reserve time early? Know some lifting issues

  • Due To Long Queries We Give Do First Come First Priorities Basis
  • Early Call Booking Mean Early Removing Service You Can Safe Your Time And Weekend
  • You Can Secure Your Schedule And Planning Just Only Early Call
  • We Know Any Kind Of Premises Condition And Location

Due To Rush Please Reserve Your Time As Early As Possible

Feel Free To Contact Us Regarding Any Kind Of Query, Our Representative Will Response You In a Quick Way! Call No 03 8658 1731 Email Us

We Deal with Cars, Trucks, Van, Utes, 4wd In Any Kind Of Make And Models. Pick them Up for Free!