Driving in hilly areas is actually not always a big deal but it just needs you to follow a few directions and take some safety measures, which are different from normal driving. Once you get equipped with the conditions and gradually become familiar with the situations, it will become a very adventurous thing. But before all that, you need to be determined, thoughtful and comfortable. This will be helpful for you to be a good driver, and the precautions will no longer seem troublesome.

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Tools to carry

There are always new people who want to go visit the natural beauty of the hilly areas but they usually are unaware of the risks and lack the proper preparation. It is always better to be fully aware of the landscape you are about to visit. We are listing a few tools for you that may help you in a case of breakdown.

  • Strong rope, toe strap.
  • Torch, with extra batteries.
  • Extra fuel can.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Radiator repair kit, sealing kit.
  • Extra water (both for car and passengers).
  • Pack of chocolates. Canned food etc.
  • Medicines like anti-allergic, pain killers.
  • Spare wheel with a quick puncture kit.
  • Air pump, if possible.
  • Weatherproof jackets pull over.
  • Basic wrench set, set of pliers, Robo-grip, etc.
  • Extra set of a fan belt, generator belt.

Start early

The best thing to start a long journey is to plan a day before and start as early as the suns first rays hit the roads, some animals are a bit hyper in the early morning so please try to avoid over speeding and have small stops planned in a way that you must reach your destination before sunset. Driving on hills at night can be very difficult because of different angles of approaching car headlights. Keep a safe distance and never overtake until you can see at least 300 meters ahead.

Understanding your car’s gear system

You must be fully aware of your cars gear systems be it manual or automatic since many automatic cars coming nowadays have different types of gear systems, it is recommended for you to carefully go through the vehicles manual for exact settings during climbs and downhills. If it’s a 4 x 4 you must try all gear settings before heading out to hills. Experimenting with different shift positions when your gearbox is already under immense pressure and heat is not a good idea.

Driving etiquettes

Hilly areas have a completely different culture of driving and you should be careful about not violating them at any cost. Always use the horn when around the hairpins and S-turns. Whenever you pass by an eye-catching view or a waterfall, make a stop and then enjoy the glory of the scenery rather than letting it divert your attention from driving. But always make sure to stop where the oncoming vehicles can see you well in advance.

Otherwise, someone might end up in the back of your vehicle. Be careful with others and yourself too because freak accidents cause more damage in hilly areas comparatively.

Full your tank of fuel and also keep some extra fuel

Most of the petrol pumps close down at 7 pm in the hilly areas along the highways too, it is the same. So keep an eye on your fuel gauge and don’t put yourself in trouble because of your own negligence. Fill your tank on the plains and get set to enjoy your hilly trip.

Get Loaded

This may seem a little unrelated, but it is very important to have good prior knowledge of the place you are going to visit using your own driving skills. Check the weather and area conditions in places along your route so that you don’t have to meet up with unpleasant surprises. Even if you are up for some fun and adventure, you should keep yourself updated with basic knowledge of the landscape you are about to visit. Remember these are not plain lands where finding solutions is easier.