Becoming a new parent comes with lots of challenges and responsibilities, there is a never-ending list of required purchases including a suitable baby-friendly car. It is the time to say goodbye to the two-seat sports car or the super small city car you have been driving around for many years.

The most important thing you need in your new car will be, it must be the spacious and safe vehicle that can take your family with utmost ease and security. The speed and style of the car become the least important and safety ratings, space and value of the car become the main factors for the next purchase.

Luckily, new parents can find plenty of automotive options that combine safety, practicality, and fuel efficiency combined with the design, excitement, and luxury they are looking for. Some of the most important things to look out in a child-friendly car are a spacious boot, wide-opening rear doors to install a car seat, a five-star crash testing rating, and attachment points for a car seat.

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So here is a list of the best cars for new parents to show you the way to start your new life.

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is a reliable, refined, attractive, and has become a popular choice by sticking to the basics and executing them admirably. It has a roomy and comfortable interior and its 185-hp, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine is both quick and economical. Some newly added features include a rearview camera for added safety while backing up, and a Bluetooth hands-free phone interface and a rear-seat entertainment system is available for keeping toddlers engaged on long drives.

Nissan Murano

For new parents, the Murano is an exceptional option in the 5-seat midsize crossover class. Interior space is huge and strong and with plenty of accessibility features. The real mark is quality and craftsmanship with a V6 engine, 260hp, and 21/28 MPG. Murano model offers traditional family functions in a package that adheres to the future.

Ford Flex

This car more likely wagon offers a decent amount of cargo room, seating for six to seven, a low step-in height and doors that open wide making it easy to buckle kids into the car seats. These features make it a great around town and road trip vehicle. While its safety ratings are not one of the best but a reasonable one and the look is quite modern, unlike a minivan.

Volvo V60

If you are looking for safety then there is no better choice than a Volvo. This Swedish brand has even announced speed limiters for all its new cars from next year means no Volvo registered from 2020 will be able to go over 112mph.

The Volvo V60 is the most comfortable and practical car on the list at an affordable price. It is stylish with a quiet and smooth drive ideal for babies sleeping in the back. It also has surprisingly spacious boot 529 liters for such a sleek exterior and has the latest safety gear that made a five-star crash rating.

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MINI Cooper Countryman

If you want to make a compromise between vehicle energy and sensibility the four-door SUV-like Countryman is taller and nearly sixteen inches longer than a MINI Cooper while retaining its exciting nature and original styling. There is ample interior room for four adult riders and there is an option for additional kid-seat flexibility.

There is a 121hp 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with a choice of six-speed either manual or automatic transmission. A sport suspension is available to elevate the Countryman’s abilities and add entertainment value when the baby is not in the car.

Mazda CX-9

Mazda with uncompromising brilliance made the best handling 3-row SUV on the market. It is a combination of great cargo space, superior balance and driving fun. Mazda has brought efficiency up to 28 MPG highway and added genuinely luxurious touches throughout. Some new parents will definitely fall head over heels for the CX-9.

Although all of the above-mentioned cars are mid-sized SUVs because parents tend to believe that SUVs are safer than regular cars but that is not true you can prefer a normal five-door hatchback as well depending on its features.

Our advice to new parents would be to do some research, identify what is important to you and what safety features you want. And the most important factor is whether the child car seats fit and can be safely secured because child safety is too important to compromise.